How Does Studying in Canada Impact an International Student’s Future?

The number of new Canadian permanent residents who were awarded both work and study permits before permanent residency (PR) has skyrocketed, growing by a jaw-dropping 300% between 2008 and 2017.

This increase is likely due in part to the rising popularity of Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). The program allows international students who have graduated from a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) to gain valuable post-graduation work experience—and gives them a leg up when applying for permanent residency.

Canadian Work and Study Permits Lead to Higher Permanent Resident Income

A permanent resident in Canada who received both work and study permits before PR typically has a higher average income than those who arrived in Canada and didn’t have these types of permits. Additionally, permanent residents who came to Canada as children are more likely to pursue post-secondary education and report higher wages than Canadian citizens.

The data is clear: Immigrants with Canadian work experience are 240% more likely to be employed than those who immigrated through other economic permanent resident categories. New permanent residents who receive study and work permits before PR also increase their annual income by 57% within the first nine years of receiving their permanent resident status.

International Students Are Considered Ideal Immigrants

The Canadian Federal and Provincial governments consider international students to be ideal immigrants. The combination of English and/or French language proficiency, Canadian education, and work experience positions the student for a bright economic future.

While statistics cannot capture the lived experience of every single international student, they can paint a picture of what to expect. International students who choose to study in Canada can look forward to the benefit of studying abroad and should take advantage of post-graduation work opportunities. The permanent resident pathway provided by Canadian study and work permits can lead to a bright and prosperous future for international students and their families—as a recruitment partner, that is certainly worth sharing with your students!

*The data referenced in this article comes from Statistics Canada’s Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB).

Culled from Apply-Insight digest.

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