International Students in Australia are Extending Their Studies

Each student that studies abroad will have their own unique international student experience and journey. However, by analyzing data, we have been able to capture insights into specific international student trends. Today we’re looking at international student journey trends in Australia over the past three years. These trends show an increase in international students that are studying in Australia and continuing their studies beyond their initial program. This allows the student to extend their time in Australia and continue to pursue additional educational opportunities, which has the added bonus of making them more employable.

Continuing International Student Visa Numbers Boom

Since 2018, Australia has seen a surge in international students staying in the country to continue their studies.

  • 201843.6% of new international Vocational Education and Training (VET) visas came from students who already completed English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) or higher education programs.
  • 2020: The rate jumps to 69% of VET students with previous educational program experience.

Meti concluded with the following insights: “I anticipate that the share of students extending their study abroad journey to include multiple qualifications will continue to increase in 2021 and beyond. Students are more concerned about post-graduation employment than ever before, and developing diverse and specialized skills can help students be more attractive employees as they enter the workforce.”

Australia’s Education System

Australia has its own unique education system, which includes the above-mentioned VET, ELICOS, and higher education programs. We suggest checking out Assist’s Study in Australia guide for more information about Australia’s educational system, the Australian Qualification Networkfinancial costs, and assistance, as well as our handy printable institution flyers.


Culled from Apply-Insight Digest

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